Welcome to our premier blog post for Clean Wave Express Car Wash. We are excited to write this to you, our new customer. First, we must acknowledge and pay tribute to our predecessor, a legendary local institution that had been serving the community for over 62 years. That of course is: Rossmoor Car Wash & Detail. This institution closed down for good in March of 2019. In it’s history, the car wash may have washed somewhere between 8 or 9 million cars! That’s mind blowing really! Not only that, the car wash assisted community organizations and non-profits in raising well over $2,000,0000 in that time.

We understand that reinventing car washing on a site that housed one of the oldest and most successful car washes in the nation would be a tall order indeed. We know one of the questions among the many loyal fans of RCW is: “Why did the car wash need to close? “ This is a great question and is deserving of a complete answer. First, the Rossmoor Car Wash building and facilities was getting tired and were in dire need of a huge investment just to keep the business relevant. The bids that came in were so costly in fact, that it became obvious to the owners that they would have to look at what other options were available.

The final analysis determined that Full-Service car washing was quickly becoming an outdated model. While getting bids to remodel, Car wash equipment manufacturers were saying that they literally didn’t know of any new “full-service” car washes being built anywhere in the country. The headwinds facing those in the “full-service” space were and remain heavy and would require more of an explanation than we can justify in a brief blog post.

In the end, it was decided that a new ownership group would be formed and that it would be made up of local business folks who would honor the RCW legacy by building a modern and technologically complete car wash experience that would be paired with highly motivated and customer service oriented team members who would be excited to serve the community. The first decision that was made was to hire back, Alex Quiros, the former manager at Rossmoor Car Wash and charge him with creating a team around him that will reflect the core values at RCW.

So, starting in mid-late November, 2020, you will get an opportunity to come experience what we believe will be an unequaled express car wash experience. Both big kids and small kids alike will enjoy the multi-sensory experience. Like all new express car washes, we will have FREE vacuums available and we will be offering monthly “Unlimited Wash” club plans that will reward our most loyal customers with unbelievable savings. Be sure to check out our Grand Opening special that will be limited to the first 1,000 customers who sign up. At opening, we will also have other great specials as well. At our website, you can provide us your cell number for an occasional text update to keep you in the know. We promise not to spam you.

Thank you for your time and see you at Clean Wave Express Car Wash soooooooon!