Wash Technology

Our innovative wash technology gives you a brilliant shine that looks better than new! Don’t waste your money on run-down wash equipment or tedious hand-washing when you can experience a professional-level clean that saves you time and money.

Clean Wave Bath

Our low pH detergent will suds up your vehicle to wash away built-up dirt!

Clean Wave Prime

Our priming process penetrates the vehicle’s surface to remove tough road grime!

Clean Wave Rinse

A waterfall of water that flushes away all the foam and gunk it has trapped to prepare for sealant!

Clean Wave Seal

A special formula that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s surface to provide lasting paint protection!

Clean Wave Wax

Our poly-synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba enhances your vehicle’s paint coating!

Clean Wave Rain Repel

A hydrophobic spray that creates all-weather visibility by repelling rain and water!

Clean Wave Buff & Dry

We follow up the wax process by gently buffing the wax for a long-lasting shine!

Graphene Xtreme

The layering process provides superior hydrophobic water repellency and a longer-lasting shine.